Wedding Planner Packages

Wedding Planner Packages

Here are the top questions couples ask while planning their dream wedding: What packages do wedding planners offer? How much does a wedding planner cost? What collection is right for me? Let’s answer these questions without further ado.

First, let’s take a look at the packages offered by professional wedding coordinators.

1 Full Wedding Planning

This is the most expensive collection, but if you have the budget and want to enjoy fully your wedding day, this package is for you. For this collection, the planner guides the couples throughout the whole wedding planning journey.

During the consultation meetings with the couple, your planner will help you select your venue and arrange and attend the vendors’ meetings. She will suggest various professionals depending on your style and budget.

Also, you will visit your venue to discuss the intricate details of your wedding day, keep track and remind you when the payments are due. Even more, your planner will manage your wedding budget and even negotiate with other vendors on your behalf.

2 Month-of Coordination

If you are the type of hands on bride and want to enjoy the planning process or you don’t have the budget for a Full Wedding Planning package, no worries! The Month of Coordination might be the avenue you want to explore.

This package includes assistance with the final stages of the planning process. Among the various services included in this package, we have a meeting with all professionals, managing the final details of the big day, creating a wedding day timeline, and providing a list of preferred vendors.

Among the industry professionals there is a love-hate relationship with the preferred vendors lists. Some claim that the planners “push” the partners that offer rewards or..are you sitting down?… kickbacks. Others firmly believe that the lists include the most reputable pros in the area.

You obviously want to check the professionals’ work and portfolio and meet them to ensure the style and personality of each pro matches your own. After all, you want to make sure your photographer will provide not only amazing images but also a great experience throughout your big day.

Another important service offered by wedding planners and included in this package is attending and running the ceremony rehearsal and, of course, coordinating the wedding day.

3 Day-of Coordination

If you took the time to coordinate most of your big day, you might want to opt for this package. Here, the coordinator focuses mostly on managing your ceremony and reception and ensures that your vendors are informed in real time of any timeline changes.

Despite its name, the package includes work done before your big day. Generally, the day-of coordination includes a venue visit prior to your special event, discussions with your vendors from the officiant to the florist to make your day perfect.

4 In-House Coordination

Many venues offer a coordinator for your wedding day to manage the flow of events and vendors. The main focus of the in-house coordinator is to ensure the services offered by the venue are flawless. Namely, the food and beverages are served on time and any vendors recommended by the venue perform at high standards.

Usually, the in-house coordination service is offered at no extra cost. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend extra money on a wedding planner but want to ensure all the details of your wedding day are taken care of. Also, having someone run the show behind the scenes enhances your guests’ experience.

5 Design Add-ons

Many wedding planners also provide design services in addition to their high end offerings. Here you will be able to discuss the intricate details of the color themes, flowers, linen, uplighting and many other design elements to make your day perfect.


Wedding planners offer a variety of collections to fit your preference and budget. For more details on how much a planner cost, please visit our wedding services pricing page. Please note that professional planners might offer slightly different services and that there is no hard rule to define a certain package.