University of Toronto Wedding Venues

University of Toronto wedding Venues

If you are a U of T alumni, you definitely want to consider the University of Toronto wedding venues. REMEMBER: there are tons of great places to get married in Toronto and we're here to help you to FIND THE BEST VENUE FOR YOU!

What are the different U of T wedding venues?

The University of Toronto, founded in 1827, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Canada. If you want to have your wedding at a premium campus venue, there are several AMAZING EVENT SPACES.

1 Hart House

This beautiful building was designed by the architect Henry Sproatt, and constructed between 1914-1919. It is the university's senior student social centre and contains several ballrooms that would be perfect for your wedding day.

1.1 The Great Hall

This is the LARGEST and the most SPECTACULAR of all the ballrooms here. This splendid wedding venue can host a maximum of 400 guests, which makes it perfect for a large reception. The stained glass windows, sumptuous chandeliers, oak panels and travertine floors are maintained in their original state and create a romantic atmosphere, perfect for your big day.

1.2 The Quad

Do you dream of having an outdoor ceremony in downtown Toronto? HOW COOL IS THAT? You can enjoy the tranquility of The Quad and take stunning wedding photos while being surrounded by historical buildings. IMPORTANT TO KNOW: you can only book the Quad for your outdoor ceremony if you are booking the Great Hall for your reception. You can ask the staff to set up an OUTDOOR DANCE FLOOR. Pretty sweet, right?

1.3 Lower Gallery

The long space between the Great Hall and the quad is a perfect event space for an intimate gathering. If you are looking for a more private space, this is the option for you. Convenient access to the quad is provided by multiple entrances. The length of the space creates an intimate setting, ideal for smaller ceremonies and small receptions.

1.4 East Common Room

The East Common Room is located on the first floor and has a grand piano placed by two windows. Under the coffered ceilings there are chandeliers and candle inspired wall sconces. The alternate ceremony room is the PERFECT option for couples planning an outdoor ceremony in the Quad in case of bad weather and is warm and inviting in the fall and winter. It can accommodate up to 130 guests and is perfect for a small affair.

1.5 Debates Room

The debates room was built on the second floor. It is an elegant space with high ceilings, hardwood floors and spectacular stained glass walls. Seating up to 130 guests, this ballroom is the perfect setting smaller weddings or intimate celebrations.

Due to its size, this is a popular location for small performances. There are four large stone framed leaded glass windows on the far wall of the room.

There is a wonderful hardwood floor and the ceiling is made of oak wood. The warm tones from the wood and the white of the stone walls create a beautiful backdrop for an intimate ceremony.

1.6 Music Room

The music room is on the second floor and has a grand piano set. It has a rich look and sound and is perfect for its name. The music room has vaulted ceilings, a series of leaded glass windows and a pair of stone fireplaces. It has hosted many famous musicians, which makes it perfect for music-loving couples.

You can invite up to 100 guests for a reception.

1.7 Chapel

The intimate Chapel can host up to 30 people in this perfect for private wedding ceremony.

2 Trinity College

Trinity College boasts a splendid Chapel and two banquet halls.

2.1 Trinity Chapel

The 100 ft tall Trinity College Chapel was built in the gothic style and is a great place to hold your wedding. The Chapel is part of the College and a consecrated church. There are college regulations that govern worship services in this area. Strachan Hall and Seeley Hall are both great places to host a wedding or reception. These spaces aren't subject to Chapel ceremonies regulations. 

2.2 Strachan Hall and Seeley Hall

Strachan Hall and Seeley Hall can accommodate from 15 to 300 guests for a wedding reception.

When it comes to weddings, it's the photos that last a lifetime. That's why it's important to pick a venue that will photograph well. The first thing to remember is that the background of your photos should be visually interesting, but not overpowering. That's why many of the newer venues, such as those with modern designs, are perfect for weddings. The next thing to keep in mind is that the decor should reflect your personal style, but it also has to complement your wedding party.

3 Knox College

Knox College is one of the most desirable indoor photography location in Toronto. Plenty of brides book Knox College for their wedding or engagement photo shoots. Our advice is to book it as soon as you decide on your wedding date.

Knox College Wedding Cost

According to Knox College the cost wedding ceremony is $1,700 and if you would like an organist to perform on your big day, that will cost you another $250.

The Knox College students, alumni and their children receive a 25% discount.

4 The Royal Conservatory of Music

The Royal Conservatory of Music is one of the hidden gems of U of T. Its massive floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light and create a romantic atmosphere for a ceremony or reception.

5 University Club of Toronto

The University Club of Toronto boost 5 event spaces that can accommodate between 20 and 175 guests. The cost per person is between 95 and $120.

6 The Faculty Club, University of Toronto

The Faculty Club is conveniently located in the heart of Toronto and its several venues can accommodate between 30 and 250 guests. The reception site fee costs $1,700 and the cost per plate is $115.

Please note that the Faculty Club can only be booked by a club member.

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