Best 100+ Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venues
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For many couples, choosing their dream venue is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. Getting to see your venue is a great way to visualize how your dream will come to life. Here are ten questions to ask your wedding venue before you book it.

1. Is your potential venue available?

Why this seems like a common sense question, many couples inquire about the prices and packages, but totally miss to ask if the venue is available on their desired date. If not, are there any other available dates? It's also a good idea to check with your close family if they have any have any conflicts on dates.

2. What are the venue's packages?

Everyone wants to save money, and that's understandable. Many venues have packages you can select to help you save money. Many locations have "off season" or Friday/Sunday discounts. Still, what are the benefits of these packages, and what do they include? Ask the staff to recommend you the best package for you.

3. Are prices negotiable?

You may have heard that wedding venues are expensive. However, you can always try to negotiate a venue's price. You can also ask if you can offer anything in return for a discount. For example, you could offer to pay up front. Many of the best venues offer excellent deals to prospective couples who book as soon as possible.

Also, due to Covid restrictions and uncertainty, many couples decided to postpone their nuptials to 2022 so you can have a bit of leverage in 2021.

4 What is the cancelation policy of your potential wedding venue?

Due to rapidly changing COVID restrictions, many couples have been forced to reschedule several times or even cancel their nuptials. It is therefore crucial to choose a venue that will work with you to accommodate such potential changes. What happens with your down payment? Is there a cancellation/rescheduling fee?

5. What is the back-up plan if the weather does not collaborate?

If you are dreaming about an outdoor ceremony, talk with the staff about a backup plan in case it rains. Can you move the ceremony and reception to different spaces? Can you switch to an indoor location on a short notice? Are there any extra fees?

6. Is there enough parking for your guests?

Parking and traffic is a common concern among guests. Parking at a banquet hall may be ample, or a bit less than necessary. Make sure you understand how many parking spots you will have available.

Also, you could inquire if there is any valet parking offered and if there are any costs associated with parking.

7. Are there other parties hosted on the same day?

The venue should provide details on all parties being held on the same day you're planning to have your wedding reception. If there are several parties going on at the same time it is a good idea to know in advance so you can avoid potential delays (food, multiple vendors using the same entries/elevators, etc.)

8. What are the venue's policies on alcohol? What is the venue's corkage fee?

Many of the banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, and private clubs have terms and conditions that you need to read to make sure that you're comfortable with them, and that you follow them to the letter. Not all of the facilities allow the general public to bring in alcohol and beverages are costly.

If you are allowed to bring alcohol, is there a corkage fee? Do the math and make sure you pick the best option for you.

9. What are the best spots for photos?

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! It is very important to plan properly so that you can fully enjoy your day. As such, it is always great to know where you can take group and couple photos so you can save time on your wedding day. You might want to discuss with your photographer a story board (some brides call it a shot list but that sounds too restrictive) so you don't improvise on the wedding day.

If the venue has a preferred vendor list it is not a bad idea to consider those professionals. Please note that some establishments charge vendors a "listing fee" and not all the vendors on the list are selected on their merits. Also, often the vendors on the preferred list have to pay a "referral fee" to the venue, so you will might end up paying more for the same services.

10. What are the start and end times?

Another wedding venue question is the start and end times. They are very important, for you, your guests and for the vendors. For example your decorator needs time to make your vision reality and if he or she don't have enough time, that could be problematic.

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11. Is there a wedding coordinator who will take care of the details on the big day?

It takes a lot of work to create a fairytale wedding. It's not just about getting married. It's also about making sure the right details are in place, so you and your guests have a great time. You don't want to leave anything to chance. That's where a coordinator comes in. Fortunately, quite a few venues include the coordinator's service in their packages.

It is important to know that a venue coordinator is different from a wedding planner. The coordinator works for venue and if there are issues she or he will always side with their employer.

12. What does the wedding venue coordinator take care of?

Your venue is likely to provide you with a wedding coordinator, as they know that planning can be a stressful process. Your coordinator's main job is to meet with you and your partner to plan your wedding day. However, they also take care of lots of other little details, so it's worth making sure you know what they're going to do to help you plan your day. A coordinator can take care of a variety of things that are needed to help ensure the smoothest day possible. Many venue coordinators can provide you with space layout recommendations, including how to best layout the room depending on how many people are expected to attend.

13. Do you offer a menu tasting?

A menu tasting will help you and your partner choose your dinner menu. It is usually held at the venue, and gives you a chance to taste the food that will be serving at your nuptials. The menu tasting is a great way to kick off your wedding planning—it gives you a chance to meet with professionals and help you get excited for your upcoming nuptials. It also provides you with an opportunity to try out many different menu options and make selections on dishes that will be served at your dinner.

14. Is there a cost associated with the menu tasting?

It's important to remember that not all wedding venues are created equal. Some will offer a menu tasting as part of the package, while others will charge a flat fee or per person for a tasting, and still others may not offer this service at all. 

15. Do you have restrictions on what time the reception can start?

Perhaps the most important detail to cover is whether or not they have restrictions on the beginning time for the reception. No bride wants to to discover that they have to wait for dinner to start. As such, another two crucial questions to ask your wedding venue are: "Do you have restrictions on what time the reception can start? What are your restrictions? What time do you want the reception to begin? 

16. What are the venue's maximum occupancy limits?

With so many aspects to consider when planning nuptials, it's easy to forget a few. One important detail to double check is the maximum number of people allowed at your ceremony and reception. If you book a room at a hotel or a banquet hall, you're likely to have a set number of guests you can invite. Not only is the venue’s space important, but also its occupancy limits. Just how many people can the place hold? Although the property’s floor plan (and the square footage of the space) is a good indicator, it’s always best to ask the venue’s staff about its maximum capacity.

17. Will the venue assist in setting up your tables, chairs, etc? How much does the venue charge for set up and cleanup?

Your venue may charge a fee for both set up and clean up. Some venues may even make this charge mandatory for all packages, so read the fine print to see if these charges apply. Venues can charge a flat fee, per person, or they can charge by the hour. Some venues do not charge anything for set up or cleanup; they look at the amount you will bring in as their fee. In addition, you need to ask if the venue staff will be responsible for the set up and cleanup or whether you and your friends will need to do this.

18. Are there any rules and restrictions with regard to decorations?

There are some decorations that you might need to avoid. Among them candles, sparklers, smoke grenades, fireworks and string lights are the most common. Ask your contact to provide you a list of the banned decorations so you save money, time and aggravation.

19. Do you include tables and chairs?

An important question to ask your venue is whether or not tables and chairs are included in your basic package. These are essentials so it's best to find out earlier rather than later. This way, you can budget accordingly and account for the chairs and tables you'll need in your budget.

20 What makes this the perfect wedding venue for you?

Venues are an essential part of planning – they provide a blank canvas for you to make your dream a reality. But not all venues are created equal. In fact, many venues have unique characteristics that make them more desirable than others. For instance, some venues have a rich history , others have an inspiring setting, and some even offer customization options. What makes a particular location unique is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding venue.

21. Can we have a custom menu?

22. Could you show us the floor plans?

23. Could we have a custom floor plan?

24. Is there a secure area where you can store the gifts?

25. What kind of security does the venue have on the premises?

26. Can you obtain a draft agreement so you can read it in advance?

Reading the contract several times and discussing it with a legal advisor is a great idea.

27. Do you have a preferred vendors' list?

28. Do the preferred vendors offer any discounts to the venue's clients?

29. Are there any hotels/motels in the area?

30. Do you have any agreements with the hotels so that couples' guests receive preferred rates

31. What spaces are included in your package?

32. Where will you have the cocktail hour?

33. What payment forms are accepted? Cash, Credit card, check?

34. What payment plans do you offer?

35. How much is the retainer/deposit?

36. Is the retainer/deposit refundable?

37. Do you need a liability insurance?

38. Do you need a cancellation/rescheduling insurance?

39. Do vendors need any form of insurance?

40. Is the venue accessible to persons with disabilities

41. Are any particular Covid rules of which you should be aware?

42. Could you see photos or videos from previous nuptials ?

43. Can we come to see the venue when it is fully decorated?

44. Do you have an open house?

45. Do you need insurance?

46. Can we use candles indoors?

47. Is there a hospitality suite that you and your wedding party can use to get ready?

48. Can you see the hospitality suite?

49. Are there any decoration restrictions you should know?

50. Can we have a sparklers exit?

51. Does the venue have liability insurance?

52. Are there any private and/or outdoor areas where guests can enjoy a drink?

53. Can we use smoke bombs on the premises?

54. Is there a smoking area?

55. How many tables will the hall accommodate?

56. Can you use the venue only for your ceremony?

57. Will the ceremony and dinner be in the same hall?

58. Can the rehearsal dinner be hosted by the venue?

59. Can we visit the venue with our photographer?

60. Could you have a single point of contact with the venue?

61. What is the cost associated with the rehearsal dinner?

62. How many guests will be seated at one table?

63. Do you offer a head table or king's table option?

64. Is this a children friendly venue or adults only?

65. What audio video systems do you offer?

66. Can our DJ visit the venue to ensure she brings the proper audio equipment?

This is particularly important for large venues.

67. Are there any entertainment options for children?

68. Do you have a generator for blackout situations?

69. Is there a power generator fee?

70. Do you offer high chairs for the little ones?

71. Do you offer a buffet option?

72. Are we supposed to rent the venue for a fee or that is included in the package?

73. Can we mix and match items from various packages?

74. Is there a minimum amount you need to spend at this venue?

75. Can we have a festive brunch with our friends and family the next day?

76. What is the cost of the next day brunch?

77. What time is the last call for alcohol?

78. Hotel nuptials: can you book blocks of rooms so that your guests are close to each others?

79. How many bartenders will there?

80. How many waiters will attend to the guests?

81. Where will the cake placed?

82. How far in advance should you book the venue?

83. How many hours will you have the venue for you?

84. Should you bring our own knife or you need to bring yours?

85. Are there any heaters outdoors?

86. What beverages are included in different packages?

87. Can we opt between a cash bar and an open bar?

88. How many restrooms will there be available for your party?

You need at least 1 restroom for each 25 guests.

89. What are the steps to book this venue?

90. Will there be any renovations going on during your nuptials?

91. Are there any noise restrictions?

92. Is it possible for guests to use public transportation?

93. Are there any food and alcohol minimum amounts you need to spend?

94. What kind of cuisine do you offer? Italian, South Asian, Chinese, etc…

95. Do you accommodate any dietary restrictions and allergies?

96. Are there any external vendors fees?

97. Can I bring my own catering company?

98. Can we hang decorations or string lights?

99. Can we use confetti?

100. Can we bring our DYI decorations?

101. Is there a kitchen my caterer can use?

102. Do you have to use the wedding cake the venue provides or you can bring your own?

103. Are linen, cutlery and decorations included?

104. Are there any taxes and gratuities?

105. Are there service fees? How much are they?

106. What types of lighting does the venue offer?

107. Are there any fees in case the party runs late? What is the overtime fee?

108. Are there any other (hidden) fees you should be aware of?

109. Are vendor meals included in the packages? How many?

110. How many guests can be on the dance floor at the same time?

If you plan any surprises such as flash mob dances or games it is important to know the surface and capacity of the dance floor.


If you've checked these important questions off your list, you're ready to book the perfect place for your the best day of your life.