The Ultimate Liberty Grand Wedding Guide for 2021-2022

Liberty Grand Wedding Venue

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What Makes a Liberty Grand Wedding Special?

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What Makes It Special?


We need to mention the establishment offers probably the best value you will get in the GTA and that is the reason Liberty Grand is in very high demand.

Location, Character and Service

Liberty Grand is a world-class event venue located in downtown Toronto. The establishment will impress your guests with its unsurpassed opulence, character and service.

When you choose Liberty Grand, your choice goes beyond a wedding venue – it is a commitment to excellence.

Why You Want To Get Married Here

  1. You will love this splendid-looking place, considered by some brides the best in the city
  2. Excellent value, probably the best in the area
  3. You could have an outdoor wedding ceremony between April and October
  4. Excellent service
  5. Amazing coordinators that will guide through the complex wedding planning process
  6. Delicious food. You can schedule your tasting about 2-4 months before your marriage so your guests have plenty of time to decide what they desire to eat on your wedding day.
  7. The establishment hosts over 200 large events a year and have a lot of experience.
  8. The coordinators keep you on time
  9. Though it is not cheap, the value you receive surpasses that of many other places in the GTA
  10. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decor because the banquet halls look absolutely stunning
  11. The surrounding areas and courtyard are landscaped and can be used for wedding photos
  12. On-premises security team
  13. Conveniently located parking lots
  14. The complex is 15 minutes from Pearson International Airport and 7 minutes from Billy Bishop Airport
  15. All menu packages include an 8 hour standard bar service
  16. There is always a person holding the massive doors for you

Liberty Grand Wedding Cost

Wedding Cost



According to Liberty Grand, the wedding associated cost is between $110 and $140 per person and includes an open bar and the rental of the venue.

Off season weddings between January and March receive a 10% discount. Also, Friday and Sunday weddings receive the same special pricing.

The packages include rental of the hall, sound equipment (most places charge extra for this), servers, bartenders, standard 8 hours bar, a coordinator, bridal suite, tasting for the couple and some other extras. There is very little else for which you pay extra (dress, officiant, photographer, etc.), and that gives couples peace of mind.


Chateau le Parc Wedding Venue

Banquet Halls Capacity

This splendid establishment can accommodate up to

Governor’s Room – 300 to 800 guests

Renaissance – up to 400

Centennial – up to 400

Artifacts Room – 200-600

Wedding Reception Locations

The Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex is one of the busiest in town, hosting about 220 nuptials a year! The four breathtaking banquet halls are in such high demand that you want to book hall at least 12 months in advance. Please note that a minimum of 150 guests is required.

Receptions are hosted in the Governor’s, Artifacts, Renaissance or Centennial Room. While the very high ceilings create a challenge for many photographers, the establishment has beautiful spotlights illuminating the head-table, the cake and the dance floor for the first dance and parent dances.

Governor’s Room

This is the largest banquet hall in the 100,000 square feet complex. The grand ballroom can accommodate between 300 and 800 guests in a sit-down dinner setup or up to 1500 people if you are having a cocktail party.The hall boasts 27′ ceilings adorned with splendid chandeliers that will give the place a romantic atmosphere during the dinner.A massive oak staircase overlooking the courtyard and the dining area is a great spot to take photographs of the whole hall or a large group photo of all your friends, family and guests.

Renaissance and Centennial Rooms

The luxurious banquet halls (~14,000 sq. ft) boast splendid views of Lake Ontario through its floor to ceiling arched windows and are mirror images of each other.Both halls have their own private foyer that can host your cocktail hour. Also, you have access to the southern Dome surrounded by four interior waterfalls where you can take group photographs.

The Renaissance and Centennial rooms can accommodate up to 400 people for a sit-down dinner setting.

If you book the Governor’s, Centennial or Renaissance halls, I recommend purchasing a package that includes uplighting as it emphasizes the splendid Beaux Art architecture and your photos will look great.

Artifacts Room

The Artifacts hall boasts 20,000 square feet of minimalist, open space, contemporary space and often hosts fashion shows, TIFF opening nights, fundraisings and more.It can accommodate up to 1200 guests should you have a reception style wedding and about 200-600 in a banquet style setup. The Artifacts hall boasts state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and is perfect for a non-traditional reception in a space with a modern flair.

All the furniture and fixtures can be moved so you can design your floor plan with no restrictions. The uplighting and polished concrete floor gives the space a modern look.

The space has a private terrace and a lobby that it shares with the grand ballroom.

Best Spots for Photos

Best places to take photos

Outdoor & Indoor Photo Spots For Group Pictures

The Courtyard

If the weather cooperates, the courtyard is your first choice when it comes to group photographs. Even if it is a bit cold, you can have tall gas heaters brought in so that your guests keep warm.

The Dome

If you are getting married in the Renaissance or Centennial halls, you have access to the Dome placed at the south of the building and the interior waterfalls. Any of them can be used as a backdrop for smaller group photographs up to 10 people.

The Foyers

The three halls have air-conditioned foyers where we can take group photos and your family and guests could enjoy the delicious hors d’oeuvres and a drink during the cocktail hour.

Best Photography Locations for Newlyweds’ Photos

Located minutes from downtown core alongside Lake Shore Boulevard, Liberty Grand or CNE Ontario Building is a fantastic location for wedding photography.

The courtyard offers a photographer perfect backdrops. Because it is surrounded by relatively tall buildings, many parts of the courtyard receive an even diffused light, which is ideal for photography. Even more, the darker walls create splendid backdrops and make you stand out in your white dress.

Please note that in the summer it is common to have two or three weddings the same day. If you want to take pictures in the courtyard, please discuss the possibility with your wedding planner.

Best Spots for Couple Photos

Bride and Groom portrait taken at a Liberty Grand Wedding

Image Courtesy of Photography by Calin

Liberty Grand Wedding Venue

Image Courtesy of Photography by Calin

Bride and Groom Pictures

The massive entrance doors are perfect for romantic sunset photographs such as the one on the left, captured in front of the Renaissance Hall entrance. Facing west, this spot is ideal for golden hour pictures of the couple.

The best part? You will not spend more than 5 minutes taking photos before sunset.

All three halls exhibit a classic elegance and feature massive crystal chandeliers, which look amazing in wedding photos. The massive windows provide the ideal light or backdrop for your bridal portraits.

At night, the entire building and the courtyard are lit with beautiful uplighting and become a luxurious backdrop for your photographs. Here is where you want to end your wedding day and can create splendid environmental portraits of you and your husband.


Bride and Groom



There are 1500 parking spots available on the north and east grounds, and you could book parking through the establishment at a discounted rate.

A staff member will direct your guests to the parking lot.

If you desire valet parking, please discuss that with your coordinator and they will be happy to oblige.

There is a parking lot for persons with disabilities on Yukon Place, at the southern entrance. Your guests can also use it for drop off and pickup.



Divine Food

The food is delicious and you can select among seven packages that include an 8 hour standard bar (you can upgrade to a premium bar). Please note that the establishment is allowed to serve alcohol between 11:00 am and 1:00 am.

The two Executive Chefs, Michael Ewing and Daniel Pointe, have an impressive resume and “bring to the table” over 50 years in the industry at some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in town.

You have plenty of options including Mediterranean or vegan, and the chefs can even design ethnic menus. The children’s menu is $27 per person.




Close to Highways

The historic building is located in downtown Toronto at 25 British Columbia Rd. Toronto, ON.

Contact Information




Pro Tips

Wedding planner prices




  • If you love the place, book early. It is not uncommon for couples to book over 18 months in advance.
  • Take advantage of the 10% discount if you are having a Fri or Sun wedding
  • The halls are challenging from a photography perspective. The light is dim and the 27′ ceilings make it difficult to take good photos, especially during the party. Make sure your photographer visits the establishment in advance.
  • Avoid long weekends, especially the Carribana weekend in August, when over one million of people will party on Lake Shore and Exhibition Place, derailing your timeline
  • If you love winter, you are lucky as there is a 10-15% discount for January through March events.
  • While it is impossible to please everyone, the event space has stellar reviews. I would trust google reviews more as they are unbiased. After all, Google does not pay to be listed on a blog or to have a print ad in a magazine.


Accommodation in the area


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Real Wedding at Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex

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