The Ultimate King Edward Hotel Wedding Guide for 2021-2022

This is one of the most beautiful and sought after wedding venues in downtown Toronto, and it is easy to see why. From the moment you walk through the front doors, it is obvious that this hotel is a luxurious, modern and well-appointed space – the perfect complement to a chic and stylish wedding ceremony and reception. This venue has a lot going for it: it is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, it has a variety of spaces to choose from and it is walking distance from the financial district. The hotel has three different ballrooms that can host weddings of all sizes.

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Nothing says romance like saying “I Do” at a five-star hotel and Omni King Edward is the perfect venue for a reception in Toronto. With its great location, timeless architecture, and plentiful amenities, this historic establishment is a sight to behold. As soon as you step into this splendid event space, it’s hard not to be impressed by the beauty that surrounds you.

The Omni King Edward also has a state-of-the-art ballrooms that are perfect for a Toronto wedding and much of its original charm remains intact.

What Makes It Special?


Incredible Ambiance & Service

What Makes This Event Space Special?

The Omni King Edward Hotel is a unique venue in Toronto. One of the oldest hotels in the city, it was built in 1903 and designed to be luxurious, with marble columns and crystal chandeliers, the event space is both grand and intimate, with large ballrooms that hosted some of the city’s most exclusive affairs for over a century.

Inside, the King Eddy is decorated with period-style furniture, in keeping with the building’s history.

According to the guests, the primary feature of the establishment is the immaculate service.


Wedding Cost

Omni King Edward Hotel Wedding Cost

According to Omni King Edward Hotel, the cost per guest is around ranges between $195 for the Silver Package and $245 for the Crystal Package. A 19% service charge and HST apply. If you opt for the buffet option, you are looking at around $110 per person while the bar costs start from $75 per guest, and that includes the bartenders and an open bar while the hors d’oeuvres will cost you around $15 per guest.


Chateau le Parc Wedding Venue

Banquet Halls Capacity

This splendid establishment can accommodate between 20 and 250 guests.

The Sovereign – 190 people

The Vanity Fair – 280

The Crystal Ballroom – 270

The Windsor – 150

The location boasts smaller rooms that can accommodate 20+ guests.

Best Spots for Photos

Best places to take photos

Outdoor & Indoor Photo Spots

The Staircase

The sumptuous stairs by the reception are dominated by the Queen Elisabeth, the second’s painting. The stairs are great for larger family photos, and you can have even 50+ people on the stairs.

The Mezzanine

The mezzanine with its grandiose columns is a fantastic photography location for both group photos and the newlyweds’ images. Your photographer can take photos of you and your hubby cuddling in the lavish chairs covered in velvet or create more playful images between the columns.

The Mezzanine is also perfect for your first look if the weather does not collaborate.

The Library

The library is very appropriate for family photos or intimate portraits of the bride and groom. Please know that the library is relatively small (15′ x 15′) so you can not bring the entire group of guests in there. However, for formal photography including groups up to 10 people, the library room works perfectly.

The Lobby

The lobby is perfect for large groups pictures and your photographer should take the photo from the mezzanine level.

King Street

If you want a more dramatic environmental photo, you can step out and take one on King Street (as you can see in our gallery below). The red and white streetcars create a perfect backdrop for your photos and if you are lucky enough, even Spiderman might show up (please see the photo gallery below).

St. James Cathedral and Park

This small park is perfect for your first look and for romantic images.

Other Locations

It is very common for couples to chose to take their photos at other locations such as Knox College, or Distillery District.


Bride and Groom


Indoor & Outdoor Parking

Parking could be a bit of a challenge in downtown Toronto, and we do not recommend street parking as you run the risk of receiving a ticket once the maximum 3h expire.

King Eddy offers free valet parking for the bride and groom and you you might want to contact the staff for more details.

The closest parking for your guests is Indigo Park Canada Inc. located at 26 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1S2.



Flawless Food

The Omni King Edward is a stunning wedding venue with a long history of hosting receptions, so it should be no surprise that its food is just as impressive.




Close to Highways

The historic landmark is located in downtown Toronto at 37 King Street East, close to the financial district and Eaton Centre and steps from the subway and buses.

Contact Information



Pro Tips

Wedding planner prices




  • Book early as this is one of the most sought after venues in the GTA
  • Reserve 5 minutes for night photos on the gorgeous stairs or in front of the venue
  • From the mezzanine, ask your photographer to take a group photo of all your guests.


Accommodation in the area


Hotels Close By

The obvious choice for you and your guests’ accommodation is King Eddy, but if your guests prefer another location, here are some options:

Omni King Edward Photo Gallery

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More Information About The Banquet Halls

The Crystal Ballroom

When it opened, the building had 400 rooms and two decades after it was built, the building was raised by 18 stories. The last two floors host a lavish banquet hall known as Crystal Ballroom after the luxurious crystal chandeliers that were adorning the hall. This was one of the most extravagant places in Toronto, the place where the city elite used to meet and party. That happened before the 50s when it closed due to very strict fire codes.

Unfortunately, King Eddy changed ownership quite a few times and none of the owners – among which we can list Sheraton, Skyline, Starwood and others – did not renovate the famous Crystal Ballroom.

When Omni purchased King Edward, they clearly stated their intention to renovate the lavish room and bring it back to its original status of the most opulent hall in Toronto. Here is the good news. The famous room was renovated by Moncour Design to preserve its original look and is now opened to the public and you can tie the knot in style in this legendary ballroom.

The room boasts over 5,000 square feet of space and can host up to 300 people.

The Vanity Fair Ballroom

Vanity Fair is one of the largest rooms at King Edward, perfect for photography, with its huge teardrop chandeliers and semicircular windows. A piece of advice: spend the extra money needed to book the up lighting and you will not regret it. Your pictures will look so much better. Because of the very high ceilings, the light tends to look flat and some uplighting accents will make the Vanity Fair look phenomenal. The event space is capable of accommodating up to 280 persons on your big day.

The Sovereign Ballroom

Located next to the lobby, The Sovereign is a 3300 square foot hall and can accommodate up to 150 guests. The room looks amazing from an aesthetic standpoint and images taken there are breathtaking.

The Windsor Ballroom

The Windsor Ballroom is a 3,400 square feet ballroom located at the lower level. Guests can access it via a private elevator. It is a great location if you are having a private affair at King Eddie.

After the massive renovations that ended in 2015, the building looks even better than before. Vanity Fair and Sovereign Halls are capable of hosting large parties and you will congratulate yourself you chose those banquet halls to host your beautiful ceremony and reception.

The most beautiful locations for photography for brides having a King Edward Hotel Wedding are the library adjacent to the lobby, the stairs and the mezzanine.Many brides getting married at King Eddie select Knox College, Hart House, or Trinity College as their photography location. Not a big fan of the University of Toronto? St. James Cathedral and its garden is within 3 minutes walk.


The Omni King Edward Hotel is one of Toronto’s top wedding venues, with its elegant ballrooms making it the perfect choice for any wedding. Whether you’re looking to host a large wedding with hundreds of guests or are planning to have a small ceremony with just a few special people, the Omni King Edward Hotel has everything you need to make your wedding day a dream come true. You will love it!