Everything About The Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance

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The father daughter dance is a special moment that every wedding should have. It’s a time when the father of the bride and his daughter get a chance to reflect on the past and look forward to the years to come.

Here is everything you need to know about the father-daughter dance at weddings.

1 Who Selects the Song for the Father Daughter Dance?

Who selects the song for the dance between a father and his daughter? Generally it is the bride who picks the song for the father-daughter dance to be performed during the wedding reception.

When it comes to picking a song for the father daughter dance, there can be a lot of things to consider. What is special about this dance? What will make it memorable?

2 What is the Best Father Daughter Dance Song?

When it comes to choosing the perfect father daughter dance song, you really have plenty of options. Here is an article that outlines the most popular songs for father-daughter dances.

3 How Long is the Father Daughter Dance?

The father and daughter dance is an intimate moment between the bride and her father. There is no rule so you can dance with your father and talk to him as long as you want at your wedding. In general, the father-daughter dance can last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes or the length of a song. It will usually take place during the first dance following the newlyweds’ first dance together.

4 Do You Have to Have Parents’ Dances?

A couple can choose not to have a father-daughter dance if they so desire. This is especially true if they don’t have a close relationship with each other or if the father is deceased.

It is a good idea to discuss this matter with your spouse so that there is also no mother son dance.

Our advice? Don’t ruin the your special event for the sake of a tradition. Nowadays every wedding is unique and most people will not even notice it.

5 How Late Should the Father Daughter Dance Be?

The father/daughter dance is usually during the wedding reception, after the couple’s first dance.

6 Is There a Mother Daughter Dance at Weddings?

If the father of the bride has passed, sometimes couples choose to have a mother-daughter dance at their wedding. Dancing is a great a way to honor the deceased father of the bride.

7 Does the Bride Dance With the Groom’s Father?

It’s not a tradition to have the bride dance with the groom’s father. However, it is a beautiful moment when the groom’s father dances with his new daughter-in-law. It shows the bride that she will always have her husband’s family there for her.

When that happens, it is a good idea for the groom to ask the bride’s mother to dance.

8 Is There a Mother Daughter Dance at Weddings?

There is no tradition regarding the mother daughter dance, but it is very common for a bride and her mother to dance together. That generally takes place after dinner, once the dance floor is open.

9 Does the Father Daughter Dance Come First?

Weddings are filled with traditions, and one such tradition is the father-daughter dance. This dance typically occurs immediately following the first dance of a newly married couple.

Some couples combine the father daughter dance with the mother son one, but we advise against that. Why?

First, the chances that the father loves the same song as the mother of the groom are pretty slim. Second, it is important to give the deserved attention to each parent so they can have each their own song.

Last, if you have two separate dances, your photographer can take more memorable images of the newlyweds interacting with their parents.

10 What Can You Do Instead of Father Daughter Dance?

If the bride’s father passed away, she could still dance with her brother, grandfather, uncle or another family member. In such situations, it is common for the father of the groom or the mother of the bride to take part in the father-daughter dance.

11 Should You Have a Choreographed Dance?

Not necessarily. The father and daughter dance is not a performance. It allows the father and his daughter to spend a few minutes together without any formalities. However, there is no rule against having a choreographed dance, and if your dad is a good dancer, you two may want to do so.

12 What are the Best Country Music Daddy Daughter Dance Songs?

Among the best country music daddy daughter dance songs are

Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks

There Goes My Life – Kenny Chesney

Butterfly Fly Away – by Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

13 Step Dad and Biological Dad

If the you have been raised by your stepdad, you might be asking yourself if you need to dance with your biological dad or her stepdad.

While there is no rule on this, an option would be to play a longer song, start dancing with your biological dad then switch mid way and dance with your step dad if you had a good relationship with him.

Also, you could simply have two dances so you can give both your fathers the attention they desire.


You will always be your daddy’s little girl regardless of your age and to express your love, you should choose a meaningful song for your father and daughter dance. Ideally, the lyrics of such song are relevant for the relationship between you and your daddy.

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