Top 10 Cheap Wedding Venues in Toronto For Budget Conscious Couples


Casa Loma is one of the cheapest wedding venues in Toronto...yeah, right!

On a more serious note, Toronto's reputation as one of the most expensive cities in North America has led to an increase in the number of couples looking for wedding venues that don't break their bank account.

Inexpensive Toronto wedding venues are available, but they are usually booked up quickly and may not be ideal for everyone's needs. Here is a list of some inexpensive Toronto-area wedding venues that will satisfy your taste and delight wallet:

1 Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Garden is one of the cheapest and elegant event space in Toronto. The cost of renting the Garden Hall is $1500 and the cost per person starts at $75. NOT TOO BAD, RIGHT?

2 Amsterdam Brewing

Company Amsterdam Brewing Company is not only an ideal place to hang out before the wedding, it's also one of the best affordable wedding venues in Toronto. To rent the venue for a whole day, it will cost you a whooping...$700. Yahoo!! Beer lovers will enjoy the multitude of Amsterdam beers that made this company one of the most popular in the GTA.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is a living history museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that strives to preserve and present life in 19th-century Ontario.

3 Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village is one of the best inexpensive wedding venues in Toronto. At $150 per person with no facility rental fee, Black Creek is a great choice for the price sensitive couples and offers perfect backdrops for your wedding photos.

George Restaurant on Queen Street is a unique venue because it isn't a

4 George Restaurant

Do you love good food and an amazing ambiance? You'll be happy to know that George Restaurant is one of the best cheap wedding venues in Toronto. You could rent the whole venue for around $10,000. WHAT A STEAL! The cost of food is extra and depends on your preferences. According to many experts and patrons, George Restaurant is one of the best value venues for food aficionados.

5 Beach United

Church The Beach United Church is probably the most unique and affordable wedding venue in Toronto. It can accommodate weddings between 40 and 200 guests and renting the facilities will set you back $850. As a bonus, the venue is LGBTQ+ friendly. What more you can ask for?

6 The Glass Factory at 99 Sudbury

The Glass Factory at 99 Sudbury used to be a very trendy location that closed down permanently during the COVID pandemic. 

7 The Heliconian Club

The Heliconian Club is a cute venue located in Yorkville. It also has one of the most amazing acoustics in Toronto. Weddings at the club are highly recommended! If you want to host your wedding here, you need to reserve it months ahead. This venue will cost you between $425 to $700 for the first four hours of your event. Each additional hour will set you back another $100. Honestly, you cannot beat the price and location of the Heliconian Club.

A letter that says now permanently closed.

8 The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory is another iconic event space that closed its doors during the COVID pandemic.

9 Balzac's Coffee Roasters

Balzac's is a cool cafe with lots of great food and coffee. Its location is in Distillery District, making it one of the most accessible and affordable wedding venues in Toronto.

10 Toronto Wedding Chapel

Toronto Wedding Chapel is a great place to get married for couples on a tight budget. The event space offers a series of very affordable packages. Please note that this is a very sought after venue in Toronto so book as soon as you can to secure your date.


We have provided you with several of the most popular, cheap and unique wedding venues in Toronto. Hopefully, our list helped you narrow down your search.

As you can see, we focused on places that are not too far from downtown Toronto, which makes them easier for people who are looking to get married while staying in the city.

Do you have any suggestions for the best and cheapest wedding venues in the city? Please let us know!