11 Things You Should Know About Cheap Wedding Photographers

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Choosing the right photographer for your special day is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, because there are many factors a couple should consider before hiring a professional photographer.

Here is a list of things you should know about cheap wedding photographers:

1. Cheap Wedding Photographers Deliver Low-Quality Photos

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a cheap wedding photographer is whether or not they can provide high quality photos. If their work looks like it was taken with a cell phone camera then this could mean that they don’t really care much about taking great pictures. This means that if you want professional looking images from your wedding day then you may want to look elsewhere.

2. Lack of Experience

Nowadays cameras are relatively inexpensive so anybody can buy or rent one and start a photography business. However, if you want quality wedding photos then it’s not enough just to own a camera; you need to learn how to use it properly. 

Experience is extremely important when documenting a wedding because you don’t want to miss any details in order to get great shots. If you hire someone who has never taken pictures at weddings before they won’t understand all the little nuances involved with capturing moments like this. They might also lack the skill set required to capture some of those more intimate moments between couples.

A good idea is to purchase a wedding photography package that includes engagement photos. That way, you can familiarize with the artist’s wedding photography style. If you are having a destination wedding, we suggest that you arrive a few days before the big day and have the photo shoot done by the same photographer who will document your wedding.

Often couples buy an additional wedding dress and do a pre wedding shoot. The main advantage of such photo shoot is that once you have enough images for your album, you can fully enjoy your big day.

3. Many Affordable Photographers Are Not Professionals

Often part time photographers offer cheap services as their secondary source of income. This means may only take pictures during certain times of the year and therefore aren’t available 24/7. In addition, these people usually work alone which makes them less likely to provide professional service.

A lead photographer is one who can masterfully document an event. If you are looking for an inexpensive wedding package, you will most probably hire an associate photographer / second photographer who is not fully versed in the art of directing, posing. As such, you risk being having a novice ruin your wedding day.

4. Many Will Be Unreliable

If you’re looking for a reliable person to photograph your big event then look elsewhere. There are plenty of reputable companies out there offering high quality products and services but unfortunately, there are also lots of fly by night operations trying to cash in on unsuspecting customers. These businesses often promise low prices but end up charging exorbitant fees once the job is complete.

5. Cheap Wedding Photography Is Often Overpriced

I know that sounds like an oxymoron! Still, many affordable wedding photographers charge outrageous amounts of money for the quality of their services. For example, I’ve seen packages ranging from $500-$1000 per hour! That’s crazy expensive especially since you could easily find a qualified pro for half the price.

6. Cheap Wedding Photographers Can Make Your Day Stressful

Most cheap artists cannot decent equipment so they often experience technical problems. As such, they tend to rush through each shot without taking the necessary care needed to ensure good results. You’ll probably receive poor images due to the fact that they were rushed and didn’t spend adequate time getting familiar with the settings.

7. Beware of Hidden Fees

Affordable wedding photographers will try to sneak additional charges into your contract. Some common examples include extra costs for editing, printing, transport, etc. It’s always better to negotiate upfront rather than being surprised later.

8. They do Not Perform Well Under Pressure

Cheap wedding photographers have no idea what it takes to be successful under pressure. The truth is that most professionals prefer working independently instead of having others tell them what to shoot. When you pay someone else to handle things like scheduling appointments, coordinating locations, etc., you lose control over the process.

9. Your Photos Will Look Posed

Wedding photography is not about bringing your camera and taking pictures. It’s about capturing the day from every angle, about catching the essence of the day.

Affordable artists might not be able to bring out the best in your wedding photography, especially when it comes to shooting at night. Receptions are fast paced and chaotic environments where everyone wants to enjoy themselves while still remembering all the details. If you want to capture those moments, you need to hire a professional who can get the shots even if it requires some patience.

In addition, affordable wedding photographers don’t understand how important lighting is during receptions. Lighting plays a huge role in making sure people remember the special moment. A well lit photo looks more natural and less posed.

10. Their Work Isn’t Always Consistent

You may think that because a company offers great deals that means everything is going to go smoothly. Unfortunately, this isn’t true.

The last thing you want is to see photos that look like they were taken by different people throughout the same day.

A great way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to ask potential vendors to show samples of previous projects. You should always see full wedding galleries in which there aren’t any obvious differences between one image and another. This shows that their work was consistent.

11. Provide Poor Customer Service

Most affordable photographers work offer photography services on a part time basis. As a result, many couples end up paying much more money after receiving unsatisfactory service. In order to prevent this from happening, check online reviews before signing on the dotted line. Also, consider asking friends or family members who’ve hired similar services whether they had positive experiences.


What Is a Reasonable Price for a Wedding Photographer

The prices of various wedding photographers depend on several factors such as location, experience, market (city), time of year, intensity of competition, etc. However, on average a decent photographer will charge between 150 and $350 per hour of shooting.

How Do You Find a Good Cheap Photographer

There are plenty of ways to find a reputable wedding photographer. One option is to search through local classifieds. Another option is to visit websites dedicated to finding quality wedding photographers. These sites usually feature customer testimonials and ratings so you know exactly what to expect.

Is It Worth It to Get a Wedding Photographer? How Do I Reduce the Cost of Wedding Photography?

If you’re looking for something unique that will stand the test of time and will remind you of your special day, then by all means yes! But if you just want someone to take plain pictures with no thought given to composition, style, creativity, etc., then I would say skip it and just ask a friend to document your big day.


While we all have limited budgets, it’s never okay to compromise on quality just to save money. There are plenty of reputable companies offering excellent services at reasonable prices. Don’t settle for anything but the very best!

If you’re looking for reliable service provider, check out our list of recommended professional photographers.