Casa Loma Engagement Proposal and Photo Shoot

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This article and photos were submitted by the award winning wedding photographer Calin

When the groom told me he wanted to do a Casa Loma engagement proposal and photoshoot, I was super excited. After all, Casa Loma is one of the most sought after wedding venues in Toronto. The story behind the images is also interesting and I will share it here.

A few weeks before the special event, the groom called and asked me if I did engagement photography. As Toronto wedding photographers, engagements are an integral part of what we do and of course I said yes.

The groom mentioned something intriguing: he wanted me in fact to document a live engagement proposal, followed by a quick photo shoot.

Although I had never captured an engagement proposal live before, I jumped on the opportunity and said yes immediately. Interestingly enough, the groom wanted to propose at Casa Loma, which had been on my bucket list forever.

Despite the fact photography is mostly about light, a beautiful location, especially a castle, always helps. As such, on the special day, I armed myself with two cameras and a few lenses and I headed towards Casa Loma.

Unfortunately, the bride and groom were nowhere to be found. They were travelling from Kitchener to visit the castle as tourists. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but maybe 30 minutes after our initial meeting time, the groom’s brother called and told me they were stuck in traffic. The biggest challenge for us was to communicate without the beautiful bride knowing what was going on. After all, we did not want to ruin the proposal.

When you do live events, there are many things that go wrong. In this case, Casa Loma closed before the couple arrived, so we had to photograph in front of the castle the whole proposal and engagement shoot.Speaking of limitations when it comes to creative liberty. On the bright side, after the castle close, the couple had no issue finding a parking spot.

The brother of the groom introduced me to the couple and pretended that I was a colleague of his teaching wedding photography. Everything worked like a charm and I only had to give the groom a cue so he could propose at the right time and in the perfect spot.Now, as you can imagine, even after closing, there were plenty of tourists roaming around the beautiful edifice. When the lights and the time was right I was supposed to bend and tie my shoelaces and that was the spot where the groom would have to propose.

I found a location in front of Casa Loma where I could have an unrestricted view of the scene, but I was very nervous because any second, one of the hundred tourists around could step into the frame and ruin my shots. Meanwhile, I was taking touristy pictures of the place, trying not to raise any suspicions. Fortunately, things went smoothly and the groom’s brother took care of the curious tourists.The beautiful bride said yes and was super excited to see the massive diamond ring on her finger. In retrospect, I wish I used the wireless capabilities of my camera to send her a few photos so she could post them on Instagram.

After the proposal, we immediately started shooting on the grounds because the sun was almost setting and I wanted to achieve a list of images I prepared for this shoot. There was one in particular that I was very keen to achieve, but unfortunately we had to move to a different location as it involved red smoke. I’m sure the security guards would not be too happy to see that. Enjoy this beautiful collection of images and if you like them, make sure you follow us on Instagram and check at least a few other galleries such as Chateau Le ParcKing Edward HotelLiberty GrandOne King West and Storys Building weddings.

How Much Does an Engagement Proposal at Casa Loma Will Cost?

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “how much does it cost” for you to shoot my engagement proposal at this beautiful venue. A photoshoot (the proposal and a short engagement shoot) would start from $250.

You would need to talk with the staff at Casa Loma for details regarding booking a tour of the castle and the other logistics (setting up candles, a romantic dinner, rose petals, photos of the two of you together, admission passes for you and the photographer, permits, etc.) Another option is to have dinner at the exquisite restaurant and propose before/after (unless you want to go with the classic dinner – engagement proposal).

Hire Photography by Calin to Photograph Your Proposal

Are you looking for an experienced team of photographers familiar with the area and can deliver great photos? Contact Photography by Calin to document your proposal.

Hire Photography by Calin to Photograph Your Proposal

Are you looking for an experienced team of photographers familiar with the area and can deliver great photos? Contact Photography by Calin to document your proposal.