11 Best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant That Will Blow Your Mind!

Best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant

There are countless possibilities for dining in Mont Tremblant. Finding the best places to eat in Mont Tremblant is essential for foodies looking for the finest gastronomic experience. Making a decision about where to go might be difficult because so many possibilities are available. But don’t worry; we’ve researched and compiled a list of the 11 Best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant that are guaranteed to wow. These restaurants offer a selection of cuisines and settings to suit every taste and occasion, ranging from quaint bistros to sophisticated fine dining establishments. So sit back, unwind, and be ready to be amazed by Mont Tremblant’s culinary marvels.

Mont-Tremblant, the Pearl of Laurentians and Quebec

About 90 minutes drive north of Montreal, in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada, is the lovely city of Mont Tremblant. It is a premier four-season vacation spot, ski resort, and hotspot for outdoor adventures. The city, well-known in North America, is surrounded by stunning mountain peaks, ski slopes, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities, making it the ideal outdoor hideaway for tourists seeking to escape the city’s rush and bustle.

The tallest peak in the Laurentians, Mont Tremblant and Mount Blanc are two great ski mountains contributing to Mont Tremblant’s popularity as a ski resort. Yet Mont Tremblant offers more than just skiing. The city offers various events and activities throughout the year, including snowboarding, snowparks, après-ski and nightlife, spas, golf courses, the beach, shopping, and many more. In addition, Mont Tremblant is home to a number of fine dining establishments that serve delectable meals.

The beautiful scenery, year-round activities, mouthwatering cuisine, and proximity to all services and attractions make Mont Tremblant a well-liked tourist destination. Mont Tremblant has something to offer everyone, whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature enthusiast, or a foodie. 

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Picture of a chef preparing a meal at Seb, one of the best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant

1. Seb L’artisan Culinaire


Restaurant-goers in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada can stop by Seb L’artisan Culinaire. It serves some of the finest food in the area and has earned a reputation for excellence. Classic Quebecois meals are reimagined alongside the chef’s own innovative takes on robust flavors. It is strongly suggested that you indulge in the four-course table d’hôte in order to properly appreciate the depth of the cuisine. Customers’ opinions of the eatery are overwhelmingly favorable. Some diners thought the chocolate mousse was the ideal way to round off the meal because of its luxurious texture and decadent flavor. Service was praised by those who used it, who found the employees to be helpful and pleasant.

The stand out dishes at this restaurant are:

  • Horseradish, Green Apple, Kohlrabi, Mustard Seeds, Wild Rice
  • Venison Ragù Orecchiette, Padano 18 months, Chives
  • Nagano Pork Belly Pear Butter, Celeriac, Citrus Ponzu
  • Foie Gras of the Moment
  • Braised Seaweed Fed Lamb Collar Spaetzle, Cipollini, Kale, Mushroom
  • Seafood Soffocato

Here are the top attributes that make Seb L’artisan Culinaire stand out from other restaurants in Mont-Tremblant.

Exceptional Experience

Firstly, Seb L’artisan Culinaire prides itself on its exceptional experience. The restaurant offers a unique and innovative menu that is inspired by the freshest, most authentic local foods. Chef Sébastien Houle’s culinary creations are an amalgamation of classic French Quebec cuisine with a modern twist, resulting in an extraordinary gastronomic voyage. The menu is constantly evolving, reflecting the chef’s passion for seasonal and local ingredients. Additionally, the wine selection is curated by an experienced wine steward, who can suggest the perfect pairing to complement the flavors of the dishes.

Quality of Food

Secondly, the quality of the food at Seb L’artisan Culinaire is exceptional. The ingredients used in the dishes are of the highest quality, and the chef’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the presentation of each dish. The menu offers a range of options, from the sea and mountain-inspired flavors to vegetarian and gluten-free options. Some of the standout dishes include the deer baby back ribs, quail, piglet cutlet, and seafood stew.


Thirdly, the ambiance of Seb L’artisan Culinaire is elegant and sophisticated. The restaurant’s interior is chic and modern, with an open kitchen that allows diners to observe the chefs at work. The lighting is subdued, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly, which adds to the overall dining experience.


Fourthly, the restaurant’s location is perfect for those looking for a fine dining experience in Mont-Tremblant. Seb L’artisan Culinaire is situated on Rue Saint Georges, which is a short walk from the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort. The restaurant is easy to locate, and there is ample parking available. The location is also ideal for those looking to explore the Mont-Tremblant area, as there are plenty of attractions and activities in the vicinity.

In conclusion, Seb L’artisan Culinaire is an exceptional restaurant that offers a unique and innovative culinary experience. From the exceptional menu to the elegant ambiance and attentive staff, everything about Seb L’artisan Culinaire is designed to make diners feel pampered and indulged. If you are looking for a fine dining experience in Mont-Tremblant, Seb L’artisan Culinaire should be at the top of your list.

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Picture of a chef preparing a meal at Antipasto, one of the best restaurants in Mont Tremblant

2. Restaurant Antipasto


Gourmet Italian eatery Restaurant Antipasto is situated in the center of Mont Tremblant’s, once known as Saint-Jovite. It provides a wide range of food, from antipasti to primi, and has a relaxed ambiance. The ingredients of antipasti dishes, which are typically light, include cured meats, olives, cheeses, and vegetables. Primi dishes typically contain hot foods like pasta, risotto, or soup and are heavier than antipasti. Also, the restaurant offers a variety of exquisite and expensive ingredients, such truffle or seafood.

Customers have typically given favorable reviews on Yelp, praising the restaurant’s food and welcoming service. Overall, Restaurant Antipasto is a wonderful spot to savor a delectable Italian meal in a laid-back setting.

C'est La Vie is one of the best restaurants in Mont Tremblant.

3 Restaurant C’est la Vie


Family-run Restaurant C’est la Vie in Mont-Tremblant serves food prepared on hot stones and employing the “pierrade” technique. On TripAdvisor and Yelp, it has garnered favorable ratings, with one user referring to it as a “jewel of a location.” Around 20 minutes from the Mont Tremblant hamlet, in Saint-Jovite, is where the restaurant is situated.

The menu at Mont-Restaurant Tremblant’s C’est la Vie features French, Canadian, and grill dishes. Included in the menu are boneless chicken breast, western rib steak, magret duck breast, yellowfin tuna steak, and flank steak. There are options that are vegetarian and gluten-free.

The eatery has won praise for its excellent service, welcoming personnel, and delectable food. The cooking experience on volcanic stones has been appreciated by visitors.

Le Refuge Du Trapeur


One of Mont Tremblant’s top dining establishments is Tiguidou, which is located at Le Westin Tremblant. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as grab-and-go food, and it is a casual all-day dining destination. With its Canadian cuisine and business casual dress requirements, Tiguidou offers a distinctive dining experience. Also, visitors can instantly buy gift cards via email or print them out to hand out in person. The feedback about Tiguidou is largely favorable, with many customers appreciating the cuisine, customer service, and ambiance. Overall, Tiguidou is a fantastic location to savor a delectable lunch in a laid-back setting. It will undoubtedly be an enjoyable eating experience thanks to the Canadian cuisine and informal setting.

The Best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant

Resto Bar Le Shack


Resto Bar Le Shack is one of the best Mont Tremblant restaurants that provides an exceptional eating experience. 

The restaurant is located near the mountain base and is easily accessible to both skiers and local visitors. Its location affords breathtaking views of the mountain, making it an ideal place to dine after a day of skiing or touring.

The cuisine at Resto Bar Le Shack is both Canadian and foreign. The menu offers a variety of alternatives, ranging from informal comfort cuisine to more refined fare. The restaurant is renowned for its gourmet burgers, which are produced with high-quality ingredients and are available in a number of styles, including traditional beef, lamb, and vegetarian alternatives. The menu also contains poutines, salads, fries, other dishes, and burgers. Guests must try the delicious poutine with smoked pork!

Menu Resto Bar Le Shack is renowned for its gourmet burgers, which have garnered numerous accolades and honors. Local magazines have rated the eatery the “Best Burger Joint” in Mont Tremblant, and have praised its inventive toppings and unique flavor combinations.

Resto Bar Le Shack’s ambiance is warm and inviting, with a rustic decor that fits its mountain surroundings. Popular for its après-ski drinks and munchies, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, and the staff is cordial and attentive.

Resto Bar Le Shack is, in general, a must-visit location for anybody visiting Mont Tremblant. It is a favorite pick for locals and tourists due to its location, cuisine, unforgettable meals, and atmosphere.

Fairmont is one of the best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant

Fairmont Tremblant


The Fairmont Tremblant restaurant is located within the Fairmont Tremblant hotel in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. The hotel is in the heart of the pedestrian village, the main hub of the Mont Tremblant ski resort. It is just steps away from the ski lifts and surrounded by shops, bars, and other restaurants.

The Fairmont Tremblant restaurant serves contemporary cuisine focusing on locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients. The menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the flavors of Quebec and the surrounding region. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list featuring international and local wines. Additionally, there is a private dining room available for special events.

Some standout dishes at the Fairmont Tremblant restaurant include the duck confit poutine, the roasted pork belly, and the grilled octopus. The restaurant has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

The Fairmont Tremblant restaurant has a cozy and elegant atmosphere, with a fireplace and comfortable seating. The dining room offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and a terrace for outdoor dining during the warmer months. The dress code is smart casual, and the restaurant suits romantic dinners and family gatherings.

Restaurant La Quintessence

La Quintessence


The restaurant is situated in the heart of the pedestrian village, providing easy access to visitors and locals alike.

The cuisine at Restaurant La Quintessence is influenced by French and Quebecois traditions and features locally produced products. The restaurant provides à la carte and tasting menus with wine-matching choices. The menu changes seasonally to suit the availability of the freshest, most flavourful ingredients.

Foie gras, a popular tasting menu item at Restaurant La Quintessence, is one of the restaurant’s outstanding dishes. The restaurant has garnered numerous awards and accolades for its culinary brilliance, including being named one of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants for multiple years. The lobster bisque and venison entree are two further remarkable items.

The atmosphere at Restaurant La Quintessence is elegant and refined, with a cozy and intimate ambiance that is perfect for romantic dinners and special occasions. The décor combines modern and traditional elements, with gentle lighting and music contributing to the overall ambiance. The knowledgeable and attentive staff provides exceptional service that complements the fine dining experience.

Microbrasserie La Diable

Microbrasserie La Diable


The kitchen of Restaurant La Diable focuses on “rustic comfort food” with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and salads sit on the extensive menu with regional delicacies like poutine and smoked pork. Craft beers and cocktails are available to drink at the restaurant as well.

Although Restaurant La Diable hasn’t won any prestigious honors, it does offer a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest of diners. Among the most ordered items are the smoked meat sandwich, the BBQ pork ribs, and the Quebecois staple, poutine.

Casual and laid-back, with a warm and welcoming setting, Restaurant La Diable is a great spot for gathering with friends or family. Wood paneling on the walls, exposed rafters, and other natural elements create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The service is kind and accommodating, providing a pleasant dining experience.

La Savoie

La Savoie


The French Alpine area inspired the warm and comforting food served at Restaurant La Savoie. The menu offers a selection of classic meat and fish dinners from France and Switzerland, as well as fondue, raclette, and tartiflette. The restaurant also has a selection of wines to go with the meal.

The cheese fondue, offered with a range of dipping options, including bread, veggies, and meats, is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Positive comments about the establishment’s tasty and authentic fondue experience have been made. Some prominent foods include the beef tenderloin and the raclette, a Swiss delicacy of melted cheese served over potatoes and veggies.

The rustic and traditional decor at Restaurant La Savoie creates a warm and inviting ambiance that transports visitors to the French Alps. The restaurant has wooden elements and a fireplace, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone may have a relaxing and inviting dining experience thanks to the staff’s friendliness and attention to detail.

La Pizzateria

La Pizzateria


La Pizzateria, as the name suggests, specializes in real Italian pizza ranging from vegetarian to pepperoni to the classic Margherita. The menu offers traditional Italian foods like pasta, risotto, antipasti, and pizza. The kitchen staff uses top-notch ingredients in every dish and takes great care to prepare each meal to perfection.

The wood-fired pizza at La Pizzateria is one of the restaurant’s signature meals. The pizza has a crispy and delectable crust, produced with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-burning oven. The establishment has also won various honors for its pizza, including “Best Pizza in Mont Tremblant.” Another well-liked meal is the mushroom risotto, which has a lot of mushrooms and is creamy and tasty. The restaurant has also been praised for its welcoming atmosphere and superior service.

La Pizzateria boasts a rustic decor with wood-paneled walls and soft lighting, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Locals and visitors frequent the eatery, which is always buzzing and exciting. The eatery welcomes families and provides a laid-back, informal dining experience. La Pizzateria is a terrific choice whether you’re searching for a special supper for two or a fun night out with friends.

Ital Deli is one of the Best Restaurants in Mont Tremblant

Ital Deli


Ital Deli prides itself on serving authentic Italian cuisine, featuring freshly-made pasta and sauces that are crafted in-house using premium Italian ingredients. In addition to pasta, Ital deli also prepares delectable pizzas and paninis, all made from scratch. The restaurant offers vegetarian and gluten-free options to cater to a wider range of dietary needs.

Ital Deli’s homemade spaghetti is among the restaurant’s most memorable and acclaimed dishes, having been recognized with several awards, including the prestigious “Best Spaghetti in Mont Tremblant” accolade. Guests can also relish other popular pasta dishes, such as fettuccine alfredo, spaghetti carbonara, and penne arrabbiata. The wood-fired pizzas at Ital deli are highly praised by customers for their premium ingredients and their authentic taste, resulting from the use of a traditional wood-burning oven.

Ital deli’s ambiance is warm and welcoming, thanks to its charming rustic decor and the soft lighting that creates an inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is a perfect dining spot for families with young children and anyone looking for a relaxing atmosphere. Ital Deli serves both lunch and dinner, and its excellent service has won the hearts of the locals, making it a go-to destination for Italian cuisine lovers. In conclusion, Ital deli is an exceptional choice for those in search of genuine Italian dishes in a cozy and hospitable setting.

La Forge


One of the top dining establishments in Quebec’s Mount Tremblant is La Forge Bistro Bar et Grill. La Forge, housed in a former ski shop, has a fascinating history and a memorable eating experience. Customers may witness their food being produced in the restaurant’s open kitchen. The menu features various meals, including vegetable platters with dip, smoked salmon and cream cheese rillettes, and lobster and crab club sandwiches.

La Forge is a place worth seeing as the cuisine is excellent, and the ambiance is distinctive. Visitors can witness their food being produced in the open kitchen, and the restaurant’s intriguing history enhances the experience. La Forge is unquestionably a place to think about if you’re searching for a special night out in Mont Tremblant.

Check out

One of the top dining establishments in Quebec’s Mount Tremblant is La Forge Bistro Bar et Grill. La Forge, housed in a former ski shop, has a fascinating history and a memorable eating experience. Customers may witness their food being produced in the restaurant’s open kitchen. The menu features various meals, including vegetable platters with dip, smoked salmon and cream cheese rillettes, and lobster and crab club sandwiches.

La Forge is a place worth seeing as the cuisine is excellent, and the ambiance is distinctive. Visitors can witness their food being produced in the open kitchen, and the restaurant’s intriguing history enhances the experience. La Forge is unquestionably a place to think about if you’re searching for a special night out in Mont Tremblant.


I must say that Mont Tremblant’s gastronomic scene is definitely amazing to behold. The city is home to some of the finest restaurants, each with a distinct personality and excellent cuisine. From polished and beautiful fine dining places to casual and pleasant cafes, Mont Tremblant’s dining scene is unparalleled.

The eleven restaurants on my list are true jewels that offer excellent dining experiences that are certain to blow your mind. From traditional Italian cuisine at Ital deli to elegant French cuisine at La Quintessence and all in between, these restaurants provide a wide variety of cuisines.

If you are a foodie looking for the top restaurants in Mont Tremblant, you must eat at the establishments on our list. These restaurants offer a dining experience that will leave you in wonder with their world-class culinary offerings, exquisite service, and stunning views. So why not reserve a table now and prepare for a gourmet trip that will surely blow your mind?


Is Mont-Tremblant worth visiting?

Visits to Mont-Tremblant are undoubtedly worthwhile. Outdoor lovers and those looking for adventure flock to Mont-Tremblant, which is situated in the stunning Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada.

One of Mont-biggest Tremblant’s draws is its world-class ski resort, which provides a selection of slopes for skiers of all abilities as well as other winter sports like snowshoeing and ice skating. Yet, Mont-Tremblant still has a lot to offer year-round, including hiking, mountain biking, and golfing options.

Mont-Tremblant offers a variety of outdoor activities as well as a picturesque community with a number of eateries, cafes, and stores. With cobblestone pathways and vibrant houses, the village has a European flavor to it. It is especially attractive in the winter when it is decked out for the holidays.

Overall, Mont-Tremblant is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking an outdoor adventure or a peaceful retreat in a stunning location.

How long is the gondola ride at mont tremblant?

The duration of the gondola ride at the Mont-Tremblant resort is approximately 12 minutes in each direction, resulting in a total round-trip duration of approximately 24 minutes. This picturesque ride commences from the base of the mountain and ascends towards its peak, affording breathtaking vistas of the picturesque Laurentian Mountains and the charming Mont-Tremblant village nestled below.

Upon reaching the summit, visitors can engage in a variety of activities, such as embarking on a scenic hike, indulging in delectable cuisine at the mountaintop restaurant, or simply basking in the panoramic views from the lookout. Notably, the gondola is operational throughout the year and is a sought-after attraction for skiing and non-skiing enthusiasts alike.

Can you drink tap water in Mont Tremblant?

It is safe to drink tap water in Mont-Tremblant, as the local water supply is entirely safe for human consumption. The underground wells that serve as the source of the water undergo rigorous treatment and routine examination to ascertain that they conform to the required safety standards. Moreover, the water quality is subject to regular monitoring by the local authorities, and to date, there have been no documented incidents of water quality issues in Mont-Tremblant. Visitors to the region can confidently utilize tap water for all manner of purposes, including cooking, bathing, and hydration, without any apprehension.

What is the best time of year to visit Mont Tremblant?

Depending on the experiences and activities you want to participate in, there is no one optimum time to visit Mont Tremblant. Here are a few things to think about:

Winter Sports: The greatest time to visit Mount Tremblant is during the winter season, which normally lasts from November to April if you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports. December and January are the busiest months for skiing, whereas February and March are usually cooler and less crowded.

Autumn Colors: September and October are the finest months to visit Mount Tremblant if you want to view the stunning fall foliage. Late September marks the beginning of the leaf-color change, which peaks in early to mid-October.

Summer Activities: The best time to visit Mount Tremblant is during the summer, which normally lasts from June to September. During this time, you can engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking, mountain biking, or golf. The weather is pleasant and sunny, with typical highs of 70°F to 80°F.

Events and Festivals: During the year, Mount Tremblant organizes a number of events and festivals, including the Mont Tremblant Half Marathon in August and the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival in July. To schedule your visit around your favourite activity or event, consult the events calendar.

Ultimately, your interests and travel goals will determine when is the best time to visit Mont Tremblant.

What airport do you fly into to go to Mont Tremblant?

While flying into Mont-Tremblant, most visitors arrive through Mont-Tremblant International Airport (YTM), which is about 30 minutes from the ski resort. It takes around two hours to drive from either Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) or Ottawa International Airport (YOW) to reach Mont-Tremblant.

Are there black bears in Mont Tremblant?

Black bears do exist in Mont Tremblant. Black bears, moose, beavers, and a wide range of other animals can be found in the park. To protect your safety and the safety of the species, it is crucial to take precautions when visiting the park. Visitors are encouraged to keep food and waste appropriately to deter bears and to never approach or feed any wild animals. To conserve the park’s wildlife and natural resources, there are rules and guidelines that visitors must abide by.

What is the drinking age in Mont Tremblant?

The legal drinking age in Mont Tremblant as well as in the whole province of Quebec is 18 years old. Please note that you will be asked to provide proof of age so have a government photo id to purchase or consume alcohol.

What does mont Tremblant mean in french?

The name of the mountain Mont Tremblant comes from French. Mont means mountain and Tremblant means to shake or to tremble and refers to the seismic activity of the mountain.

Is Mont Tremblant English friendly?

Absolutely, like most tourist destinations, the staff at Mont Tremblant speaks English and you should have no issue communicating in English. While French is the official language in Quebec, in the hospitality industry being bilingual (English and French) is a requirement nowadays. As such, don’t worry – you will be absolutely fine if you speak English in Mont Tremblant.

What is La Savoie best known for?

La Savoie is most known for its fondue and raclette. The restaurant boasts a warm, welcoming ambiance and offers a selection of cheese and meat fondues in addition to other traditional French and Swiss cuisine. La Savoie offers a range of fondue options, including cheese fondue, meat fondue, and chocolate fondue for dessert, making the experience there highly recommended. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of Swiss and French wines to go with the meal. La Savoie is a well-known eating establishment in Mont Tremblant for people seeking a warm, private dining experience with delectable, traditional French and Swiss cuisine.

What is special about Mont Tremblant?

Mount Tremblant is a one-of-a-kind place for several reasons:

Mont Tremblant is nestled in Quebec’s magnificent Laurentian Mountains, surrounded by lush forests, pure lakes, and scenic landscapes. The region is noted for its gorgeous landscapes and a variety of outdoor activities including as skiing, hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking.

Skiing: With a huge network of ski lines, including some of the steepest and longest in Eastern North America, Mont Tremblant is one of the most popular skiing destinations in North America. The ski resort has trails for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced.

Culture: Mount Tremblant is a bustling and cultural destination with a year-round calendar of events and festivals. There is always something going on in Mont Tremblant, from the Tremblant International Blues Festival to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival.

Dining: Mount Tremblant boasts a booming culinary scene, with a diverse selection of restaurants serving delectable, locally sourced cuisine. There are lots of options to suit every taste and budget, ranging from classic French bistros to quiet, family-run cafes.

Ultimately, Mont Tremblant is a one-of-a-kind location that has plenty to offer everyone, from adventure lovers to culture seekers and foodies.

Is Mont Tremblant ok for beginners?

Anybody just learning how to ski or snowboard will find Mont Tremblant to be an ideal first resort. A large portion of the resort’s trails (about 25%) are aimed at novice skiers and snowboarders. There are many beginner-friendly services available at the ski resort, including ski and snowboard schools, rental shops, and a magic carpet lift.

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating are just a few of the many beginner-friendly winter activities available at Mont Tremblant in addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding. There is a great variety of kid- and family-friendly things to do and see in this resort town, from indoor waterparks to special events.

In general, people who are just getting started in winter sports will find Mont Tremblant to be a fantastic destination.

What is restaurant antipasto best known for?

The Italian cuisine and the intimate ambiance at Restaurant Antipasto in Mont-Tremblant are what set it apart. With its dim lighting, exposed brick walls, and wooden tables, the restaurant exudes an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. Pasta, pizza, and seafood are just some of the traditional Italian dishes available here, and they’re all prepared with care and the finest ingredients.

Our gnocchi is cooked from scratch every day and offered with a variety of sauces such tomato, basil, and cream. Thin, crispy wood-fired pizzas with toppings like prosciutto, arugula, and goat cheese are the restaurant’s other claim to fame.

Restaurant Antipasto is well-known not only for its delicious cuisine, but also for its comprehensive wine list, which offers a wide selection of both Italian and international wines. Overall, Restaurant Antipasto is a top pick for foodies in Mont Tremblant because of the excellent, genuine Italian fare and the cozy, private setting it provides.

Do you have Uber in Mont Tremblant?

Yes, you can use Uber in Mont Tremblant. Uber is a practical choice for individuals looking for transportation around the area even though Mont Tremblant is a small town with a year-round population and a lot of tourists. Like in every other city where Uber operates, you can hail a ride using the Uber app in Mont Tremblant. Always plan ahead and arrange your rides in advance if you can because Uber drivers’ availability may be restricted at certain periods of the year, especially during the off-season.

How long does it take to walk down Mont Tremblant?

The length of time it takes to walk down Mont Tremblant depends on a number of variables, including the starting position, the hiking track, and the level of fitness of the individual. Here are some broad estimations, though:

Summit Trail: At Mont Tremblant, the Summit Trail is the most well-traveled hiking route. It takes around two to three hours to go to the summit. Depending on your speed and degree of fitness, coming down the Summit Trail can take anywhere between one and two hours.

Additional Trails: Mount Tremblant is home to a number of different hiking paths that vary in length and difficulty. While lengthy hikes like the Les Lacs Trail can take 3–4 hours or longer, some of the shorter trails, like the Lookout Trail, can be finished in under an hour.

Ski Runs: Many of Mount Tremblant’s hiking routes are transformed into ski runs during the winter. Depending on the length and slope of the route, it may take 30 minutes to an hour or longer to walk down one of these ski runs.

Overall, there are a number of variables that affect how long it takes to walk down Mont Tremblant, so it’s better to consult a trail map or chat with a local guide to get a more precise estimate based on your particular route and degree of fitness.

Can you swim in Mont Tremblant?

Absolutely, there are several locations in Mont Tremblant where you can swim, particularly in the summertime. Here are the most popular swimming spots:

Lake Tremblant: Located in the resort area of Mont Tremblant, Lac Tremblant is a sizable lake that is a favorite place for water sports, swimming, and sunbathing. Along the coastline, there are many parks and public beaches, as well as places to rent boats and kayaks.

A public park and beach area called Parc Plage is situated along the Riviere du Diable. It is a wonderful location for families with young children because it has a sandy beach, picnic spaces, and a playground.

Spa Scandinave: At Mont Tremblant, Spa Scandinave is a well-known spa and health facility that provides a variety of therapeutic and relaxing treatments. Together with a sauna and steam room, it also has a number of outdoor hot and cold pools.

Overall, there are many places to go swimming in Mont Tremblant, from public parks and indoor water parks to untamed lakes and rivers.

How cold is it at the top of mont tremblant?

Depending on the season and the weather, Mount Tremblant’s summit temperature might change. At the top, wintertime temperatures can range between -10 degrees Celsius and -30 degrees Celsius (-14 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit). At the top, summertime temperatures can reach between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius (41 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s crucial to remember that these temps are only estimates and may change depending on a number of variables. It is a good idea to have extra clothes in case the temperatures drop unexpectedly.

What is the best village in mont tremblant?

It actually depends on what you’re searching for because Mont-Tremblant has a number of settlements that provide diverse experiences.

The pedestrian village at the foot of the mountain is a wonderful choice if you want to be among the action and have easy access to the ski resort. Together with a variety of lodging choices, dining establishments, nightclubs, and retail stores, it also offers ski-in/ski-out access to the mountain.

The Old Village, also known as the “Vieux Village,” is a picturesque location situated along the shores of Lake Mercier if you’re seeking for a more tranquil and serene ambiance. It boasts a selection of lodging options, including bed & breakfasts, as well as a few excellent eateries and stores.

Last but not least, Saint-Jovite is a bustling, genuine community about 10 minutes from the ski resort. Together with a variety of stores, eateries, and bars, it hosts a weekly farmers market in the summer.

The “best” village in Mont-Tremblant ultimately comes down to personal taste and what you hope to get out of your trip.

How many days should you spend in Mont Tremblant?

Depending on your interests and travel plans, you can spend a variety of amounts of time at Mont-Tremblant. Nonetheless, to properly experience the events and attractions the area has to offer, most visitors often stay in Mont-Tremblant for 2 to 5 days.

If you prefer outdoor pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking, Mont-Tremblant might be where you want to spend more time. With more than 95 lines and 14 lifts, the Mont-Tremblant ski resort is one of the biggest and most well-liked in Eastern Canada. However, it takes several days to fully explore the region’s numerous hiking routes, biking pathways, and lakes for swimming and boating.

You might want to spend less time at Mont-Tremblant if you’re interested in the area’s history and culture. Yet, there are still some fascinating historical monuments and museums to see, such as the Chapelle Saint-Bernard and the Musée du Ski des Laurentides.

The length of your stay in Mont-Tremblant will ultimately rely on your interests, travel schedule, and financial constraints. Remember that the area is close to other well-known tourist spots in Quebec, including Montreal and Quebec City, which might be worth exploring as part of your trip.

Is it Mont Tremblant worth in summer?

YES! Mont Tremblant is worth visiting any time of the year including during the summer. You could enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, swimming and more.

The cultural life of the area includes festivals that will keep you entertained.

Where to sleep in the Laurentians?

Visitors can stay in a variety of accommodations in the Laurentians. In the Laurentians, some common places to sleep include:

Hotels and Resorts: There are numerous hotels and resorts in the Laurentians, ranging in price from inexpensive to opulent. The Fairmont Tremblant, Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant, and the Château Beauvallon are a few well-liked options.

Renting a cabin or cottage can be a terrific choice if you’re looking for a more rural and quiet experience. A lot of these lodging options come with a variety of facilities and are situated in stunning natural locations. Chalets Lanaudière, Les Chalets du Boisé, and Les Chalets Alpins are a few well-known firms that rent out cabins and cottages.

Bed & Breakfasts: Think about staying at a bed and breakfast for a more intimate and cozy experience. These lodgings frequently provide a homemade breakfast and individualized service. Au Bois Jolit, La Maison de Charlèna, and Gîte la Paysanne are a few of the well-known bed and breakfasts in the Laurentians.

Camping: For those who like to snooze under the stars, the Laurentians have a number of campsites. Campsite de la Diable, Campground Bellefeuille, and Park national du Mont-Tremblant are a few well-known campgrounds.

Overall, a variety of sleeping alternatives are available in the Laurentians to fit any preference or price range.

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