Best Restaurants in Toronto: Miku

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Phone: (647) 347-7347

Address: 10 Bay St. #105, Toronto, ON M5J 2R8

As a connoisseur of fine dining and an adventurer, my heart holds a special place for restaurants that manage to serenade me with exquisite culinary symphonies and enchanting ambiances.

Miku, in Toronto, swept me off my feet with a dining experience that beautifully mingles the traditional spectrum of Japanese flavors and the innovative flair of local Canadian bounty.

The night was made even better by my adorable wife who shared the culinary joy ride with me. Together we embarked on this dining journey, and boy were we delighted.

What Do Customers Love?

The patrons raved about their restaurant experience. They expressed their delight in the exquisite flavors of the salmon oshi sushi and the torched sushi. The tasting meal exceeded their expectations, giving them a glimpse of the culinary wonders of Japan. The chef’s skillful preparation of the aburi sushi was greatly admired, leaving a lasting impression.

Not only was the food impeccable, but the service also stood out as exceptional. The patrons were impressed by the attentive and friendly staff, labeling it as “excellent service.” Each bite of the delicacies served seemed to melt in their mouths, rendering an unforgettable dining experience.

Meanwhile, another set of clients praised the amazing service offered by the restaurant. Their taste buds were tantalized by the green tea opera and sablefish sampler, leaving them craving for more. Surprisingly, even the brussel sprouts and prime rib surprised them with their delectable flavors.

Overall, these satisfied customers were captivated by the creativity and skill displayed by the chef, as well as the remarkable service provided. They left the restaurant content, feeling that their money was well-spent, and grateful for the opportunity to indulge in such a decadent dining experience.

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The cuisine at Miku is a kaleidoscope of Japanese culinary artistry, blending local Canadian ingredients while honoring the spirit of Japanese cooking techniques. Each dish represents a canvas where the chefs, like inspired painters, create magic with their brushes of gastronomic charisma.

Miku establishes itself not merely as a restaurant, but an ode to the harmonious dance of glorious flavours, textural delight and eye-pleasing presentation.

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Remarkable Dishes

The serenade to appetite starts with Goma-ae Duo, where the crunch of green bean meets the earthy lotus root, all christened with sesame soy, an explosion of umami with every bite.

Then comes the revelation of undiluted joy, the Wagyu Carpaccio. The sensual, buttery texture of Wagyu finds a home amidst wagyu mayo and seasonal vegetables, their earthy sweetness providing the perfect counterpoint to the richness of the beef. Each mouthful evokes effusive praise.

The Ebi Fritters were a revelation. Encased in a light, crispy batter, the succulent white tiger prawns were perfectly complemented by the tangy soy-balsamic reduction and sweet chili aioli. Each bite was a symphony of textures and flavors, leaving us yearning for more.

The pièce de résistance, however, was the Kyoto Saikyo Miso Sablefish. The sablefish, marinated in Saikyo miso, was a masterpiece of culinary artistry. The fish, tender and flaky, melted in our mouths, while the miso barley risotto added a delightful crunch. The dish was a harmonious blend of flavors, each element enhancing the other.

The grand finale of Green Tea Opera is a testament to Miku’s understanding of balance. A decadent dessert, it brings together the bitter notes of matcha, sweet whispers of dark chocolate ganache, offsetting these yin and yang flavors with azuki bean cream and matcha ice cream.

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The atmosphere at Miku conjugates Japanese Zen-style minimalism and sophistication. The warm light dances with the soft shadows in an atmosphere that exudes finesse and tranquility. It’s like walking into an eclectic sonnet of sensory indulgence.

Stepping into Miku Toronto is like stepping into a haven of elegance and tranquility. The restaurant exudes a warm, inviting ambiance, with its tasteful decor and soft lighting. The open kitchen adds a touch of drama, allowing diners to witness the culinary magic unfold before their eyes.

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From the seismic burst of jovial welcome to the seamless serving of the dishes, Miku ensures each moment feels like being cradled and revered. Knowledgeable staff is the restaurant’s unique selling proposition, always at hand to help you navigate through the menu, delivering attentive service reflective of the traditional Japanese ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality.


Miku treads over the realm of cleanliness and hygiene with meticulous grace and sincerity. From the polished cutlery, immaculate table linens to the pristinely clean open kitchen, it’s an ode to the principles of respect, purity and tranquility, transmuting from the norms of tea ceremony to the stages of a fine restaurant.

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Value for Money

From a critic’s viewpoint, Miku might ensue an indulgence, especially when ordering the signature plates. Yet, when weighed against the brilliance of the food, the precision in service, and the ambiance, it proves to be an investment in a supreme dining experience.

While Miku Toronto may be considered a high-end dining destination, it offers excellent value for money. The quality of the ingredients, the creativity of the dishes, and the exceptional service justify the price range.

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Would I recommend Miku? The question is rather theatrical, isn’t it? Having conveyed my enamor for Miku, my shared experience has undoubtedly been an unforgettable sojourn into the heart of Japanese cuisine with the subtleties of Canadian charm. Thus, I would, with full conviction, recommend Miku to anyone seeking to embark on an exquisite epicurean adventure.

In every bite served at Miku, one can taste the dedication to their philosophy of “Ningenmi”, finding joy in bringing joy to others. It is this passion that sets Miku a class apart, making it a quintessential destination for culinary aficionados in search of a transcendental dining experience.

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Patrons Survey Methodology

In order to gauge the sentiment surrounding the restaurant Miku in Toronto for this article, we employed a specific methodology. Over 1000 patrons were actively involved in providing their feedback, which we carefully analyzed to ascertain the overall sentiment. Throughout the process, positive reviews, negative reviews, and the Net Promoter Score emerged as the key factors of interest. By determining the percentage of positive and negative reviews, we gained valuable insights into the general sentiment around Miku. Additionally, the Net Promoter Score allowed us to measure customer loyalty and advocacy for the restaurant.

Miku Restaurant is a popular dining establishment renowned for its exquisite Japanese cuisine. With its elegant ambiance and exceptional service, it has managed to captivate the hearts of many customers. In fact, an astounding 85.7% of patrons have expressed their affection for the restaurant, making it evident that Miku has established a loyal fanbase. Additionally, the restaurant boasts a commendable Net Promoter Score of 74%. Net Promoter Score, in simple terms, measures the likelihood of customers recommending a business to others based on a scale from 0 to 100. It assesses customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately indicating the overall customer experience.