Best Restaurants in Toronto: DaiLo

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Phone: (647) 341-8882

Address: 503 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

As the sun set on a crisp Toronto evening, my wife and I found ourselves stepping into the warm embrace of DaiLo, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of the city. The name, translating to ‘big brother’ in Cantonese, is a nod to the role it plays in guiding its patrons through an unforgettable journey of Asian cuisine. Our choice was inspired by whispers of its innovative menu and the promise of a dining experience that transcended the ordinary.

What Do Customers Love?

This Cantonese restaurant, under the expert guidance of Chef Nick Liu, has been delighting patrons with its unique blend of traditional and modern Asian cuisine.

The dining experience at DaiLo is nothing short of extraordinary. The moment you step through the doors, you are greeted by friendly staff who are eager to make your visit memorable. The service is excellent, with the team going above and beyond to ensure that every patron feels valued and cared for.

The menu at DaiLo is a testament to Chef Nick Liu’s culinary prowess and his deep respect for his Hakka heritage. Each dish is a symphony of flavours, carefully crafted to tantalize the palate. The pumpkin dumplings, a crowd favourite, are a delightful fusion of sweet and savoury, while the octopus tacos offer a surprising twist on a classic dish. The fried trout and fried rice are other standout dishes, each one a testament to the chef’s ability to transform simple ingredients into culinary masterpieces.

But it’s not just the food that makes DaiLo a standout among the city’s restaurants. The wine list is extensive and well-curated, offering the perfect accompaniment to any meal. And for those with a sweet tooth, the deep-fried watermelon is a must-try – a whimsical dessert that perfectly encapsulates the restaurant’s innovative approach to Asian cuisine.

The Mac Bao, another signature dish, is a testament to Chef Liu’s creativity and skill. This dish, like all others on the menu, is worth every penny, offering a dining experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

Patrons have consistently praised DaiLo for its amazing service and delicious food. Many have hailed it as one of the best restaurants in the city, a testament to Chef Liu’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to providing a top-notch dining experience.

In conclusion, DaiLo is more than just a restaurant – it’s a celebration of Asian cuisine, a tribute to Chef Nick Liu’s Hakka heritage, and a testament to the power of good food to bring people together. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates a good meal, DaiLo is a dining experience you won’t want to miss.

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DaiLo’s cuisine is a harmonious symphony, a fusion of traditional Asian flavors with a contemporary twist. It’s as if each dish is a stanza in a poem, narrating tales from distant lands, brought to life by the deft hands of the chefs.

The menu is a canvas painted with vibrant ingredients, each playing their part in creating a masterpiece that delights the senses.

DaiLo is a culinary haven that marries the soul of traditional Asian cuisine with a contemporary twist. It’s as if the flavors of China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia dance together harmoniously on your plate. Each dish is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, showcasing the expertise of the talented culinary team.

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Remarkable Dishes

Let’s delve into the extraordinary dishes that graced our table, leaving an indelible mark on our palates. These are the dishes that I urge you to savor when you visit DaiLo:

  1. Smoked Trout Pomelo Betel Leaf: This delicate morsel combines the smoky richness of trout with the refreshing burst of pomelo. The betel leaf adds a subtle peppery note, while the coconut caramel dressing elevates the dish to new heights.
  2. Hakka Brown Wontons (pork & shrimp): The perfect marriage of pork and shrimp encased in a silky wrapper, these little parcels are bathed in toasted sesame oil and house XO sauce. The almond crumble lends a satisfying crunch, making each bite a revelation.
  3. Crispy Octopus Taco: Imagine tender octopus nestled in a jicama shell, complemented by the succulent flavors of red braised pork belly and the luscious kick of sambal aioli. This fusion of textures and flavors is a true delight.
  4. Fried Watermelon: A dish that challenges preconceived notions, fried watermelon is a revelation. The crispy exterior gives way to juicy sweetness, perfectly balanced by the tangy pickled melon rind and the umami richness of pork floss.
  5. Burmese Tofu: With its velvety texture, the Burmese tofu melts in your mouth. Accompanied by a symphony of flavors from mushroom duxelle, black bean sauce, pickled honey mushrooms, and Sichuan mustard vinaigrette, it’s a dish that speaks to your taste buds on multiple levels.

These are just a handful of the extraordinary dishes offered at DaiLo. Each one is a testament to the culinary vision and craftsmanship of the kitchen.

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As we stepped into DaiLo, we were instantly transported to a realm where elegance intertwines with charm. Soft lighting cast a warm glow, creating an intimate ambiance. The decor exudes a modern minimalist aesthetic, with subtle nods to its Asian influence. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind, and indulge in the pleasures of fine dining.

DaiLo is more than just a restaurant; it’s a haven where elegance and comfort coalesce. The decor is a tasteful blend of traditional Asian elements and modern aesthetics, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and sophisticated.

The soft glow of the lights, the gentle hum of conversation, and the occasional clink of cutlery against plates create a symphony that is as much a part of the dining experience as the food itself.

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The service at DaiLo is nothing short of exemplary. From the moment we were graciously greeted at the door, the staff displayed exceptional attentiveness, professionalism, and warmth. They guided us through the menu with genuine enthusiasm, sharing their knowledge and making thoughtful recommendations.

Each dish arrived at our table with perfect timing, ensuring that our culinary journey unfolded seamlessly. The waitstaff’s attention to detail and genuine passion for their craft made us feel like cherished guests. They were attentive to our needs, accommodating special requests, and ensuring that our dietary restrictions were met without compromising on flavor or presentation.


The cleanliness at DaiLo is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Every surface gleams, every piece of cutlery sparkles, reflecting the high standards that DaiLo upholds. It’s a reassurance, a promise that every dish served is prepared with utmost care and hygiene.

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Value for Money

While the prices at DaiLo may seem steep, it’s an investment in an unforgettable dining experience. Each dish, meticulously crafted and beautifully presented, is worth every penny. The quality of ingredients, the skillful preparation, and the exceptional service make DaiLo a dining destination that offers excellent value for money.

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Based on my unforgettable experience at DaiLo, I wholeheartedly recommend this extraordinary restaurant to anyone seeking a culinary symphony for the senses. The remarkable dishes, attentive service, elegant atmosphere, and unwavering commitment to excellence make DaiLo a standout among Toronto’s gastronomic scene. Be prepared to surrender yourself to a world of flavors and experience Asian cuisine like never before.

In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “Dining well is one of life’s greatest pleasures.” At DaiLo, this pleasure transcends expectation, leaving an indelible mark on our culinary memories.

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Patrons Survey Methodology

In our comprehensive analysis of the sentiment surrounding DaiLo, a renowned restaurant in Toronto, we employed a meticulous methodology. We began by gathering feedback from over 1000 patrons who had dined at the establishment. This feedback was then subjected to a thorough analysis, where we categorized the responses into positive, negative, and neutral sentiments. The process involved collecting all data in one place, categorizing and sub-categorizing the feedback, and dividing it into positive, negative, neutral, and irrelevant categories.

We then delved deeper by searching for root causes behind the sentiments expressed, planning actions based on the findings, and alerting and informing relevant teams. To streamline this process, we invested in automated tools designed for such analyses. The next step was to calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key metric that gauges customer loyalty based on their willingness to recommend the restaurant to others.

To calculate the NPS, we subtracted the percentage of detractors (those who gave negative reviews) from the percentage of promoters (those who gave positive reviews). This score provided us with a broad indicator of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, although it did not provide specific reasons for these sentiments. By following this methodology, we were able to gain valuable insights into the customer experience at DaiLo, which will be instrumental in shaping future strategies for the restaurant.

A staggering 86.3% of customers absolutely adore this culinary gem. Now that’s a statistic that catches the eye! But what truly caught my attention was their impressive Net Promoter Score of 74%. Allow me to explain what this means in layman’s terms.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple and effective way to measure customer loyalty. It asks customers one straightforward question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [Organization X] to a friend or colleague?” Customers then rate their likelihood on a scale of 0 to 10. Based on their responses, they are categorized into three groups: Promoters (score of 9 or 10), Passives (score of 7 or 8), and Detractors (score of 0 to 6).

Promoters, as the name suggests, are the loyal enthusiasts who not only love your business but also actively recommend it to others. They are the true advocates. Passives, on the other hand, may be satisfied customers, but they lack the same level of devotion and could easily be swayed by a competitor’s offer. Lastly, Detractors are the unhappy customers who have the potential to harm your business’s reputation with negative word-of-mouth.

So, when DaiLo boasts an impressive Net Promoter Score of 74%, it means that a significant majority of their customers fall into the category of Promoters – loyal enthusiasts who love the restaurant and are eager to recommend it to others. This speaks volumes about the exceptional dining experience one can expect at DaiLo. It’s no wonder that so many patrons hold this establishment in such high regard.